Veritas Delivery Service (VDS) – an indigenous private limited liability company was incorporated on 6th May 2017, pursuant to the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179), in Accra. We are located on the Spintex Road, Near Comm. 18 Junction, opposite the Allied Filling Station, with digital address GZ – 141 – 8006, and with postal address P. O. Box SK1595, Sakumono, to provide courier and delivery services in Ghana.Though the fast digitisation of the global economy and the subsequent e-commerce and m-commerce phenomenon present so many opportunities for convenient online shopping and great deals and discount options, consumers in our part of the world find it difficult to take advantage of these opportunities due to lack of reliable timely delivery avenues. Then there is the advent of high traffic congestion leading to and from the key business districts in our capital cities, coupled with high fuel cost. For most corporates and individuals, running errands has become a costly venture. The middle to upper class of our society therefore are desirous of a convenient way of running errands and getting stuff delivered in a way that retains the value of their items.

VDS therefore is presented with the opportunity to assuage this pain confronting today’s tech savvy customers and cost-conscious corporates and individuals. This is done through same day, next day and express delivery packages to our cherished customers.


To be the leading provider of courier and delivery services in Ghana and the West African Sub-Region.


To establish a sustainable and preferred messenger delivery channel, by serving as a bridge between online market stores and their customers, food tech companies, restaurants, corporate clients and individuals and general merchants; through timely and professional delivery with value.


In our quest of positioning ourselves as one of the leading courier and delivery service providers in Ghana and the sub-region, we have set the following key objectives to fulfil our mission;

  1. Ensure a reasonably rate of return on shareholder investment
  2. Strict adherence to standards in safety, environment, and social responsibility.
  3. Control at least a 20% market share
  4. Build a well-motivated and committed predominantly local team
  5. Provide diversified services to the courier and delivery services industry
  6. Be the best in the industry in operations & HR
  7. Timely and cost-effective execution of tasks


The following shared values constitute the driving force behind the progress of the company;

  • Professionalism: to be tactful in our dealings with clients
  • Customer Oriented: to provide superior services to our clients
  • Team Spirit: to promote a sense of belongingness among staff and management
  • Innovation: to be industry first in providing tailor-made products and services to our clients.
  • Integrity: walking our talk


Utilizing modern technology in Delivery Management System, the following services will be offered either as same day, next day or express packages;

  • Providing logistics support for online shops through timely delivery of packages.
  • Providing local delivery of packages for corporates and individuals.
  • Outsourcing courier services from existing players within the courier services space.
  • Serving as a delivery arm for restaurants and food tech companies.
  • Running messenger errands for corporates and individuals
  • Providing courier and delivery services to general merchants

With these services, the customer is alerted on pickup time and can track the movement of the rider through our Delivery Management System App (Tookan). A three-way communication is activated between the sender, the courier and the receiver, for a great service experience.

Here is a quick summary of our two main Delivery Service Models:


  • We offer assigned motor bikes and riders to clients such as corporate firms, online shops, restaurants etc. who require dedicated services.
  • A motorbike with a licensed rider is assigned to the firm to perform all official deliveries from the start to the close of business day. This comes with a fixed rate per month.
  • The assigned rider is responsible for routing and mapping the deliveries so as to maximize the dispatch for each day of work.
  • Holidays are observed and services required on such days attract a different premium rate. Veritas should be notified should there be the need for its services on such days in advance.


  • Client calls Veritas to request for a delivery service.
  • Customer care representative takes details of request and prepares a dispatch.
  • Dispatch moves to pick up package and drop off at the required location.
  • Customer makes a cash payment at pick up or drop off to dispatch or via mobile money to customer care representative when the delivery is completed.




Our key partners/suppliers include;

  1. Bajaj group (Boxer motorbikes)
  2. Apsonic (Apsonic motorbikes)
  3. LK International (Motor King Tricycles)
  4. Allied Oil (fuel)
  5. Duraplast Ghana Limited (Delivery Boxes)
  6. Societe Generale Ghana
  7. GT Bank Ghana
  8. West Africa Agrotech Co. Gh. Ltd. (Hero Motorbikes)