New ID Requests at WSOP Cause Mixup for International Players

New ID Requests at WSOP Cause Mixup for International Players

A passport may not be enough to confirm your address, but it shall be sufficient to play in the WSOP. (Image:

This summer and you’re visiting from outside the United States, you’ll want to bring a second form of identification to prove your current address if you plan on playing in the World Series of Poker. Exactly why this is the case and how important it is that you have this second form of ID happens to be the topic of a lot of worry and confusion for players in the last day or two.

The story started final week, centered on, of most things, a tweet from the WSOP’s official account. It simply stated that non-US WSOP players would ‘want a second form of id besides passport to reg for occasions. Need ID proving your residency/current target.’

Panic Among International Players

That request instantly caught the attention of poker players around the world, who had expected their passports become enough getting them within their desired tournaments. Players were especially upset at the timing associated with the announcement: many had already left their home countries to travel to vegas, meaning there had been efficiently no real solution to get a computer program bill or any other form of proof that would have their home address on it.

‘It’s not the World Series of Poker who has put this rule in place, this is section of a law that is federal process the government of the united states of amer Read More