MLA Citation Structure for Other Most Likely Sources

MLA Citation Structure for Other Most Likely Sources

Utilizing the MLA citation structure for conventional printing, periodical and electronic sources is fairly well known but just what about sources apart from those three typical kinds? Just just How would the style is followed by you tips for all those sources? Let’s look at some several types of sources and examine them underneath the MLA citation structure.

Personal Interviews and Oral Records

Interviews carried out between your self and another individual and oral records will be the thing that is same. Start by listing the title of this meeting because of the title of the individual being interviewed, the name that is last then very first title followed closely by a descriptive expression such as for example ‘personal interview’ followed by the date for the meeting. Example: Jones, Bob. Individual meeting. 12 Aug. 2000.

Speeches, Lectures, and Seminars

You may end up sitting in on a message or a lecture or maybe a seminar, and you will have no record aside from the only you create. Whenever after the MLA citation structure, supply the speaker’s name that is last by the very first title after which the name associated with occasion in quote markings. Next, place the location associated with event, the date associated with occasion, plus the kind of presentation. Example: Phillips, Sandra. Read More