A 10-year-old hero in Gilroy shooting: woman drags toddler to safety

A 10-year-old hero in Gilroy shooting: woman drags toddler to safety

Three folks are dead and 15 wounded after having a shooting in the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Police killed and shot on gunman. USA TODAY

GILROY, Calif. – A gunman cut through a fence at A california that is popular garlic and considered a tent where in fact the Honey women had been offering their habanero and garlic honey. He shot and wounded the company owner and her husband, but as a result of a girl that is 10-year-old their young son escaped damage, witnesses say.

Candice Marquez and an other woman had stepped far from the stand they certainly were Sunday that is working with employer, Wendy Towner, and Towner’s husband, Francisco. She heard exactly exactly what she thought had been fireworks, then saw a gunman going toward their tent.

“We had been the only ones right here. He previously a right shot for both of us. I’ve never been so scared,” Marquez told The Associated Press.

More terrifying, young ones remained when you look at the tent. But Marquez stated her niece sprang into action, dragging her employer’ 3-year-old son away from harm’s means.

“She had been brave. She grabbed him and put him under a dining dining table,” she said.

Troy Towner composed for a fundraising page he create for their sis that the girl’s actions probably stored their nephew’s life.

A 13-year-old girl and a young man from New York dead it’s one of the stories of heroism that emerged from the violence that tore through the last day of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, leaving a 6-year-old boy. Read More