Bridge and brand new highway connecting Norway and Russia officially opens

Bridge and brand new highway connecting Norway and Russia officially opens

Despite big politics with storms and uncertainties between Europe and Russia, every day life for individuals on both edges of this edge into the high north continues.

The final stretch of this highway E105 between Kirkenes-Murmansk ended up being formally exposed on Friday. A tunnel that is new connection regarding the Norwegian region of the edge makes Europes northernmost cross-border road quicker and safer to operate a vehicle.

Total expenses from the Norwegian part associated with the project are 830 million Norwegian kroner (about €88 million). From the Russian part, prices are also greater. Just 12 regarding the 210 kilometres connecting Kirkenes with Murmansk is on Norway’s region of the edge.

Traffic throughout the edge between your two nations are increasing, even though cargo movement is restricted. A lot of the border-crossings are carried out by Russians on shopping in Norway and Norwegians on shopping tours to neighbouring Kola Peninsula.

In 1988, once the calendar nevertheless marked Cold War, some 2,800 border-crossings happened between Norway therefore the Soviet Union when you look at the north. For 2017, that quantity may very well be 270,000 individuals. Using the brand new highway, go to my blog capability is with in spot for also greater figures.

“We have shared desire for further developing cooperation, for company, trade, training, environment as well as other areas, ” Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen stated in their speech in the opening ceremony.

Picture: Thomas Nilsen

Construction and renovation focus on the highway began almost a decade ago following the Russian and Norwegian Foreign Ministers consented to spend money on better infrastructure that is cross-border. Read More