Mortgages and loans that are secured

Mortgages and loans that are secured

These pages lets you know exactly exactly what a home loan is and about other kinds of secured loan. It explains what a credit broker does and exactly how much they could charge due to their solutions.


A home loan is that loan applied for with a bank or building culture to get a homely home or any other home. The mortgage is generally for a long period, typically as much as 25 years, and you also repay by monthly instalments. You agree to give the property as security when you sign the mortgage agreement. What this means is in the event that you don’t carry on with using the repayments, the loan provider gets the right to get back and sell the house. However they can’t first do this without going to trial.

To get more about what to complete in the event that you come across dilemmas paying your home loan, in England and Wales see home loan problems. In Scotland, see Home Loan issues

Forms of mortgages

There are two primary main forms of mortgage:

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