Information for Authors

Information for Authors

Breaking the Asian areas: product product Sales and marketing possibilities for Children’s Books

The marketplace for English-language children’s books in Asia is growing and large, with China, the Philippines, and Southern Korea at the front end for the pack. In 2016, these three nations collectively accounted for well above half all income in our Asian areas. In Asia alone, children’s book sales have increased by 100 per cent annually from 2014 to 2016.

Just how do we interact with audiences abroad?

In A author that is recent news, we covered a number of the numerous ways we relate to audiences abroad. Tours are an essential component of international outreach, whether or not they are web log trips or author that is global. Exactly what works for most areas is tailoring our services and products to suit the regional market, and producing area-specific advertising and promotion campaigns around selected games.

Continue reading to understand how exactly we tailor campaigns and services and products in all of our top three Asian areas.

Southern Korea: electronic learning supplements and sound packages

For all years, talking English in Korea happens to be considered a skill that is critical. English is a subject that is required Korean pupils through a majority of their training, from elementary college through college. Though grammar studies are essential, Korea has started to stress spoken and conversational abilities. This gifts a particular challenge for Korean moms and dads without a stronger grasp of English.

One item that helps handle this challenge is SayPen, a well known new audio reading device developed in Southern Korea, just like US brands such as for example LeapReader or AnyBook. When reading, the young youngster scans the writing of a specifically made book using the pen to activate a recording associated with the text inside the pen, which “reads” the writing aloud to your kid.

The very Busy Spider, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar at Penguin Random House, we facilitated the creation of proprietary SayPen editions of Eric Carle’s Today Is Monday. Read More